2x 5kV mains transformer

There's not much to say about this one. This type of transformer is used in oil burners (for central heatings) to ignite the flame electrically. It has a symmetrical output of 2x 5kV eff (+/-U), with the common terminal connected to the core and to the Earth lead of the mains cable. Short-circuit current between + or -U and earth is about 30mA. Between +U and -U you've got 10kV eff (14kV peak), but only 20mA short-circuit current.

This transformer is suited to feed the cascades described below,as well as for producing arcs. However, the transformer is not designed to be short-circuited over a period of more than a few minutes and gets hot rather quickly.

If you have more than one of these, you can parallel the outputs (and inputs) to get higher current and longer arcs. Remember to check for correct phase of the symmetric outputs. I recently got hold of five transformers:

The transformers are mounted under the wood and the outputs connected by the copper rods. This gives 10kV at about 100mA, and makes a really nice Jacobs ladder!

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Jochen Kronjaeger