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This is a list of stores that sell hv-relevant components. It's far from being complete; if you know another address, email me (thanks to Jochen Pernsteiner for the first three addresses!).

The fact that a particular company is listed here does not imply any endorsement on my part.


Helmut Singer Elektronik
Feldchen 16-24
52070 Aachen
(Katalog anfordern, kostenlos)

Oppermann Elektronik
Postfach 1144
31593 Steyerberg
Tel.: 05764/2149
(Bauteileliste, 3,-)

Pollin Electronic
Marktstraße 6a
85104 Pförring
Tel.: 08403/9299-33
(Restpostenliste, kostenlos)

Frag´Jan Zuerst -----Ask Jan First
Jan Philipp Wuesten Elektronik
Ernst-Ludwig Strasse 16
D- 64372 Ober Ramstadt
Tel.: +49-6154-29160
Fax : +49-6154-29161

United States

Fair Radio Sales
P.O. Box 1105
1016 E. Eureka St.
Lima, OH 45802
(419) 223-2196 or 227-6573  (voice)
(419) 227-1313              (FAX)
(military and industrial surplus electronics)

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Jochen Kronjaeger