Improved Construction of Scot's Spark Gap

by Jochen Kronjäger

General description

The following design idea (see images below) for a static spark gap for use with tesla coils is based on a an idea by Scot, which in turn was based on the Richard Quick copper tube spark gap. Scot proposed precision machined grooves and holes to align and fix the copper tubes. The present design eliminates the need for precision machining and drilling by substituting the grooves with aluminum U-profile pieces.

The improvement of Scot's design with respect to a Richard Quick style gap or a row of parallel copper tubes mounted on a single base plate was that the total gap width can be easily adjusted through the distance of the two base plates, without affecting the alignment of the single tubes. With a spiral spring over the bolts between the plates (not shown here), adjusting can be even more reduced to just turning four nuts a few times.

Aligning the U-profiles

Assembling the spark gap

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