The Mobile HV Generator Series:

Mobile HV Generator I: [PICTURE]
This circuit produces single, high power HV-Pulses every time you press the fire switch. Output voltage is higher than 8kV because I killed a 2nF@8kV cap with this circuit!

Mobile HV Generator II: [PICTURE]
This circuit produces HV-Pulses automatically, because it has an auto triggering circuit. The output voltage is smaller than the output voltage of the first mobile HV-Pulse Generator because I'm using a smaller cap. This circuit is easier to build than the first version because you'll need less parts.

Mobile HV Generator III: [PICTURE]
It's a small regulated HV source. 0V up to 1500V

Mobile HV Generator IV: [PICTURE]
who knows!? ---no ideas yet :-)

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Christian Auer