Mobile HV Generator III:

Last updated: 1. March 2000
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DISCLAIMER: This device is dangerous and can cause damage of property and health or even death. I cannot take any responsibilty for any damage possibly resulting from using the device described here, or following the instructions given (nor for anything else you do!). So be careful, follow safety instructions and use common sense.

Before you pay for parts: I haven't tested this circuit completely yet!

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I designed this device because a student needed a portable high voltage power supply for experiments in their chemistry department. It's output voltage could be regulated between 0V up to 1500V.


The transformer is the same fotoflash transformer as I used for the Mobile HV Generator I an II. I bought this transformer from a mail order firm called: Conrad Electronic. It''s ordering number is: 582263-11. It costs 3.63 Euro, without shipping.

None of the part values are critical. The transistors: You can use every NPN transistor for the BD135 which is capable of 2A and about 45V. For the PNP transistor you should use a fast switching type, capable of 2A and about 45V. The caps of the voltage doubler: capacitance NOT critical! You can use every cap you can find with a capacitance of some nF.
If the values of the 36kOhm or the 10MOhm resistor are not correct this would be no problem => The maximum output voltage will be smaller or higher than 1500V.

Pictures of the parts:

  • Transformer - TR1

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    Things to do:
  • You can use this circuit for charging big caps (danger!), small gas discharge tubes, testing overvoltage protection gas discharge tubes or varistors, ...

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    Helpful Hints:
  • Never touch the HV output! 100nF @ 2kV could be deadly!
  • You can find right diodes in switched mode power supplies.
  • If you can't find foil caps wich are capable of 2kV you can connect some of them in series with a 10MOhm resistor parallel to each cap.
  • If you need higher voltage output, you can connect more stages to the cascade and reclaculate the values of the 10MOhm and the 36kOhm resistors.
  • If you have a problems with this circuit --- feel free to ask me.

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    Christian Auer