Where do I get...: TV sets

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From color TV sets you can get

In b/w TV sets or computer monitors you can find

Of course, there's a lot of other useful electronic components in a TV set, multi-purpose diodes/transistors, voltage regulators, caps, resistors etc. The CRT may also be of use, see "to do" section. The flybacks usually take an input of about 700Vpp half-sine-wave pulses (switched from 150V DC). Always look for a schematic, which may be attached to the case, it's very useful if you have to find out which terminals of a flyback you want to use and how the input should look like etc.

Remember that the CRT has a sufficient capacity to deliver a nice little electroshock, even after days. Short the metal parts on the outside with the hv terminal (look for cable from cascade/flyback) to discharge it.

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Jochen Kronjaeger